Google Analytics Implementation Specialist and Team Leader by day,
a husband and father by evening and a sleep addict by night.


The first thing I will tell you is that I am a leader, not a manager. It doesn’t mean I don’t manage - I simply make a distinction between the two. I see leadership as a state of mind – a role – rather than a job or a position in a company.

My leadership style can be summed up in the following:

  • Trust is the most important resource when building culture and humility is paramount
  • By working with core values and situational leadership you build effective, tight-knit teams
  • People you work with already know the answer, you only need to let it be voiced and agreed upon
  • Don’t enforce changes – make them happen by facilitating a culture and process where people you work with feel that they can affect things
  • Micromanagement and context switching induces unnecessary stress

I could go on all day talking about attitude, leadership models, the importance of high availability, intuition, but let me keep the summary short instead.

Implementation Specialist

I am currently employed by Outfox as an Implementation Specialist. As a Google Analytics and Google Cloud Partner, we work almost exclusively with Google’s 360 Suite. We introduce web analytics to companies and organizations, define measurement strategies and plans, guide the implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, introduce conversion optimisation and A/B-testing, build custom-tailored solutions for data transformation with Spreadsheets and BigQuery, and data visualization with Data Studio among other tools.

I enjoy solving different technical challenges that our clients face. Most solutions are different and each requires a unique approach based on the nature of the website, the client’s goals with it and the technology used. I like explaining the technicalities to the clients, their developers and product owners – my strength lies in being able to translate technical language to non-technical people.


In a previous life I was a developer – worked with PHP, JavaScript (Node, React), dabbled in Python, but never got hooked on any of it. I still enjoy coding very much (and get to do some through the current occupation), but it is never about finishing a project – it is always about figuring out how something works and after that, the task is boring to me.
What can I say? It is a burden of being a generalist.